Allan J. Rossman & Beth L. Chance
 Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo

Recent work
Selected Articles
Rossman/Chance Applet Collection
Workshop Statistics series (Wiley) Using simulation-based inference for learning introductory statisitcs, WIREs Computational Statistics, 6(4), 2014.
Impact of a randomization-based curriculum on studnet understanding of p-values and confidence intervals (ppt), presented at ICOTS 9 Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, and Methods Comment on The Future of the Textbook, Technology Innovations in Statistics Education, 7(3), 2013.
Debating the next big thing in statistics (ppt), presented at USCOTS11
Introduction to Statistical Investigatons (Wiley)
Sequencing Topics in Introductory Statistics: A Debate on What to Teach When, The American Statistician, 55, 2001.
"Ask Good Questions"  (ppt) Reasoning and Sense Making in Statistics and Probability (NCTM) Teaching the Reasoning of Statstical Inference: A Top Ten List, College Mathematics Journal, 2000.

Statistical Questions from the Classroom