Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data

Typographical Errors

The following is a list of typographical errors found thus far. Those marked with a * have been corrected in the second printing.

p. viii The name for Activity 6-1 should have the apostrophe after the "s" and not before the "s" in "Cars'".

p. xi The name for Activity 14-3 should be bold-faced.

p. xii The names of Activity 19-4 and 19-5 should be bold-faced.

* p. xvii Insert period at end of quote "Automate calculation and graphics as much as possible".

p. 11 In the table "Opthamology" should be "Ophthalmology".

p. 15 Add the sentence "Report these rates" at the end of question (b).

* p. 36 The entry for October in the table should say 10 and 1010, not 1110.

p. 47 The rightmost pile of dots for patients' reading levels should have 17 dots; 5 dots should be added to the pile.

p. 51 Insert "based on the context" after "an explanation" in question (d).

* p. 52 Activity 3-11 part b) should say "...for a meeting in room A..." (Insert "in".)

* p. 58 In the paragraph beginning "Perhaps the introduction of some notation...", the symbol between "let" and "denote" in the second sentence should not have the bar over the x_i.

p. 70 Question (c) should end with "... median of the distribution" rather than "... median found in Activity 3-10".

* p. 77 In the table the first LPGA golfer should be "Daniel" and her winnings should be 863 rather than 1863. Also, LPGA golfer #28 should be "Hammel" and her winnings should be 128 rather than 1128.

p. 83 The second sentence of question (a) should begin "For the purpose of this stemplot only, ignore ..."

p. 89 The median value for season 1 should be 139, not 39.

p. 104 The phrase "on the axes provided below" should be deleted from question (c).

* p. 110 The governor salary for Montana in the table should be 55,502.

p. 141 The phrase "value of the" should be deleted from both question (a) and (b) in Activity 8-4.

p. 145 Questions (c) and (d) should both conclude with "Explain your reasoning."

p. 146 The word "predicting" in question (b) should be "predict".

p. 156 Question (h) should refer to Activity 7-2 instead of 7.2.

p. 159 Question (a) should begin, "Do the residuals seem to be randomly scattered ..."

p. 165 The last sentence before the bar graph should say "... marginal distribution of the age variable ..." and not "of the gender variable".

p. 171 Question (d) should refer to questions (a), (b), and (c) rather than to questions (b), (c), and (d).

p. 187 The seventh column of the sixteenth row of the table of random digits should have only five digits and not six.

p. 194 Question (e) should end with the sentence "Then create a dotplot of the sample proportions of Democrats."

p. 197 The parenthetical remark in Activity 11-7 should say "(who tried the O.J. Simpson criminal murder case)" ,p> p. 211 The second 100 in the list should be 1000.

* p. 217 The third sentence of part (e) should say "Roll the die 15 times" rather than 12 times.

p. 223 Question (a) should say "... do that well or better? Explain your answer."

p. 223 Question (b) should say "..."...from the population within the community of those eligible ..."

p. 289 Question (c) should say "...within +/- .04 ..."

* p. 304 The last sentence on the page should begin, "The proportion of black teachers living in the county..." rather than "The proportion of teachers living in the county...".

* p. 321 Question (e) should say "... if 115 of the 250 subjects ..." rather than "if 115 of the 150 subjects ...".

* p. 348 Question (f) should begin, "If AZT and the placebo ..."

p. 362 The parenthetical remark in question (d) should refer to Topics 16-19.

* p. 374 In question (h), insert "less than 8" following the Greek letter mu, as in question (e) on the previous page.

* p. 394 The word "ration" in questions (e) and (f) should be "ratio" in both places.

p. 405 Eliminate the horizontal line in the middle of the "Two-sided p-value" column of the table.

p. 407 Eliminate every other horizontal line in the "Two-sided p-value" column of the table. Those separating Barb 1 from Barb 2, Carl 1 from Carl 2, and Donna 1 from Donna 2 should be removed.

p. 411 The word "Maxium" in the first table should be "Maximum".